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The SN100 from Vtuvia is as fun as it looks. The powerful 750W motor combined with a Samsung Li-ion battery are complimented with the bikes huge 26” * 4.0 KENDA 60 TPI fat tyres truly allows you to take the bike almost anywhere and in any conditions with ease. A colour HD display that sits nicely in the middle of the handlebars informs the rider of there current modes, battery power and speed.

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VTUVIA SN100 is an excellent electric mountain bike, the highlight is the 26” *4.0 anti-skidding tyre. It can be easily ridden on the outside, which can also adapt snow, sand, gravel, and other complex topography.

VTUVIA SN100 allows you to travel whisper quietly into the woods to scout the land, carry gear, or simply enjoy the ride! 48V*750W powerful motor will allow you to travel anywhere! Some great feature of the bike includes

  • Powerful Stealthy Responsive Performance: Brushless 48V 750W Motor. Allows you to travel whisper quietly into the woods to scout the land, carry gear, or simply enjoy the ride!
  • Higher Spec and Longer Distance: 48V 13AH Samsung Removeable lithium battery with a BMS system. Take you wherever you want to go! Have breathtaking performance both on speeds and distances!
  • Safeguard Shimano Double Disc Brakes: Lets you control your e-bike well whenever you want! Allows you to easily cope with various road conditions.
  • LCD Display with Backlight: Show everything needed clearly in driving.
  • Speed Choice: Three Modes: Pedal Mode, Power Assisted Mode, Full Electric Mode, and 7 Speeds transmission system. Choose any moulds and speeds as you want to complete your journey. Provides shifting that’s as smooth as butter – even at a complete stop.
  • Body Design: This e-bike’s frame design is just suitable, not too short, or too high to ride. Let you feel just right! It has water-proof body design, no worry about riding in the rain! Aluminium alloy frame, light and durable, bring you very good riding experience.

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